10 Commandments of true breeders by Malcolm B.Willis
“Practical Genetics for Dog Breeders”

A true breeder should:

  1. Try to learn as much about the breed
  2. Work with breed long enough
  3. Breed dogs are not under the influence of fashion, but always with the aim of a culture that has lead to the improvement of race
  4. Breed properly, feed and socialize the dogs so as to be able to appear in home conditions and grew on the good companion animals (for these reasons the number of dogs in the kennel should be limited)
  5. Pay attention to the defects and congenital conditions and try to restrict their presence
  6. Sell the puppies at reasonable prices, and only those who can provide a fair and proper maintenance, and serve customers in any case, help and advice
  7. Adhere to standards of conduct adopted by the club races, and generally accepted ethical principles
  8. In any case, if the buyer of dogs for any reason they can not continue to hold, take them back and deal with the fate of their
  9. Kindly cooperate with other breeders, which does not exclude sports rivalry
  10. Place the welfare and future races before own fame and achievements
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