“In the begining, God created man,
but seeing him so feeble, he gave him the dog.” 



“Your eye shows the him as he appears to be.
His pedigree tells you what he should be.
And his offspring show him as he realy is.”


We are happy to announce that were born in our kennel puppies.
19.04.2012 were born 8 puppies, for sale we have 2 males and 5 females.
We invite you to reservation puppy.

More information and photos in CURRENT PUPPIES

We expected puppies

We would like to inform that in the end of April 2012 we expected puppies.
Puppies will be out of outstanding combination.

More information in section: PLANNED LITTERS

Meeting with Dr Marczakiem

On that day with help Agnieszka Ochal we met in kennel Amcane to gave blood to Canine Blood Bank for others dog.
- Aragorn Staff Apocalyps
- Morfina Amcane
- Magia Amcane,
- Morfeusz Amcane
- Fortuna Amcane
- Cassanowa Amcane
- Bzik Bzik Jessek Nux Vomica
- Fantasy Star Od Iwana
- Alla Prima z Antuszy Panteon
- Perfekcja Amcane
- Alisa Anmaral
- Forbidden Love z Doliny Jezierzycy
- Zomiranos Ze Suis Blonde


More photos in below link


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